Sandwich panels. Production of sandwich panels

Panel sandwich: a minimum of problems at building

Already more than 10 years in building are used a modern material thanks to which loading decreases for the base, improve building characteristics, there is no necessity to spend furnish outside and indoors. It is a question about a sandwich panels assemblages (a cassette profile).

Panel sandwich are actively applied in inhabited and industrial building. The cores from advantages стеновых panels have been named above. But it not all. Manufacture a sandwich of panels is so justified that for today there is no more optimum variant for a construction of buildings. So the design of panels (their small weight) allows to reduce expenses for transportation and installation. Expenses on base building are reduced also.
Stenovye panels are made of the zinced steel with a paint and varnish covering, therefore there is no necessity to spend money for furnish of buildings. And the equal surface of panels allows to avoid additional processing. You will not need to worry about plaster.

Sandwich of the panel economic and for these reasons:
  • Buildings and the constructions created on technology of sandwiches-panels have low moisture absorption
  • Houses possess excellent properties
  • Building terms (buildings) decrease
  • Cost of the building constructed with use of sandwiches-panels assemblage decreases for 30-50 % (in comparison with usual Sandwich panels)
Important and that panels is a non-polluting material. Sandwiches-panels on the equipment which also corresponds to all norms operating in territory of the Russian Federation are made
Panels is the best decision for buildings, cottages, entertaining and trading complexes, warehouses and office buildings and industrial complexes of different function.
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Although the sandwich panels are one of the newest materials in modern construction, design and technology of their production of sandwich panels are constantly improving, giving this building material with new properties. As a result, products manufactured by domestic manufacturers now sandwich panels, fully comply with Russian standards and climatic characteristics of our country.
Not so long ago from the builders when building a new building, to a large extent, the choice was only made of stone and wood. Nowadays, such a choice is much richer and have to choose from a variety of technologies. One such technology, which came onto the market relatively recently, but has already proved itself very well, is the construction with the use of sandwich panels.