Advantages of a sandwich wall panels

Sandwich panels - high quality, aesthetic, reliable, multifunctional building material

Advantages of use panels the Sandwich-panel sandwich - the qualitative, aesthetic, reliable, multipurpose building material in the building world markets has appeared Recently a number of materials which have instantly won popularity in all spheres and directions of the building industry, having superseded the traditional designs applied for many years.

Sandwiches-panels (a cassette profile) have proved as the universal material representing a basic element in building of any of buildings - from apartment houses to huge trading-entertaining complexes, stadiums, the medical centres, economic and industrial structures.

The main advantage which provides panels a sandwich to any building cycle, considerable reduction of terms of civil work reduction of cost of a building (from 30 to 50 %) in comparison with sandwich panels is. Easy and easily transported panels have an original design which gives them special value.

It first of all low heat conductivity of a material and small degree of moisture absorption, stability to ignition, simplicity of installation and assemblage a panel sandwich, works not demanding a wide experience, strong system connections the panels, allowing easily to assort small sites and to replace the damaged panels new, profitability of building process at the expense of absence of necessity to apply a special equipment at many stages of works.

The facade buildings beautifully looks, has various colours and furnish. Stenovye panels have received the name "sandwich" or "a cassette profile" thanks to multilayered structure. As a rule, panels a sandwich are issued on the rolling equipment: Material facing - the thin zinced metal sheet with a polymeric covering, inside panels is put минераловатный a heater, another a material in the thickness from 40 to 150 mm.

Everyone the panel a sandwich is attached to a skeleton by means of special self-cutting bolts. Sandwiches-panels are issued in the form of systems assemblages (a cassette profile). The expediency of application such panels is defined by means of the comparative characteristic with the classical sandwich-panel on working parametres and properties of a material.




Classic sandwich panel Sandwich panel assembly item
The structure of the material Filling - high density mineral wool. Fiber insulation have a cross-section inserted in the form of bars. Facing-profiled metal sheets Filling - rockwool medium or low density. Wind barriers and protecting structures create a so-called "cluster profile"
Resistance to fire Do not use the PPP and the foam as insulation on the standards and requirements of fire safety An effective system of fire-breaks through a 600mm allows the use of PPP and additions Thermal insulation foam, despite the assignment of a group of fire
Features of the assembly Application samorezov, adhesives, polyurethane foam - are required. Neprokleennye and poorly connected sites pose a risk of cold bridges Clay is absent. Installation is carried out directly on the site with the help of samorezov tiles and fixing elements. The solidity design provides design features a connecting system
Metal cladding Profiled metal with a polymer coating should have a solid primer layer on the inside, which provides high adhesion adhesive Steel sheets with a lack of soil on the inside does not affect the quality of the sandwich wall panel
Resistant to adverse weather conditions Good resistance to mechanical shocks, UV radiation. Waterproof provided the correct assembly and hermetic, with a violation of the solidity and fragile joints possible infiltration of moisture, which is detrimental to uteplitelnogo material. Destroying the insulating properties of the entire sandwich. Venting space between insulation and facade displays a pair of moisture out. Heater reliably protected from any adverse external effects, which makes construction of the wall panels increase durability
The appearance and value Easily recognizable and distinctive design, inherent in the buildings quickly. Cost of materials is higher than that of panels with the item build Finishing facade panels, the use of siding and other facing elements allows to vary the appearance of buildings. Structural features of the material and its technological properties facilitate installation and reduce the cost of construction works

Sandwich panel wall assembly item - a new material to Russia, but the expansion of trade and partnerships with European countries has accelerated the introduction of technology build-fabricated buildings from this material.

The complexity of the construction cycle was in deficit import cluster of wall profiles and inconvenience associated with their transportation.

Currently, many native plants on the equipment, shipped from Germany, make the profiles are not inferior in quality to European counterparts.

The material can be used in all types of construction work. When you use cluster profile (sandwich panel assembly item) to a large extent, reduced material frame building, which leads to its significantly cheaper.

Sandwich panel wall is of particular value because it allows you to build construction process with a minimum expenditure of cost related materials - cement, sand and gravel. The energy of a decrease in the number of times due to the minimal use of special equipment - bulldozers, excavators, transport vehicles, cranes.