Installation of sandwich panels

Installation of sandwich panels (Cluster Profile)

Installation of the sandwich panels is performed poyarusno from bottom to top, with the quality seal joints. Installation of the sandwich panels can be carried out without the use of expensive lifting mechanisms. Inside the cassette is inserted profile insulation (polystyrene foam, mineral wool or any other), then attached windproof membrane (to protect from blowing minvaty). As the facade of the building quick, you can use any facade materials - wall panels, metal siding, profiles.

Joints in the assembly of sandwich panels to be a fulfilled, if possible infiltration of moisture into the insulating material from inside the premises, the emergence of cold bridges and frost inner wall at the junction.

Installation of the sandwich panels are starting to check the deviations of the cap from the horizontal. Deviation must not exceed 3 mm. At the base is installed sealing tape. In place primykaniya sandwich panel to the column, to avoid cold bridges, on a tape bonded seal.

Next, seal the cap is mounted on the primary sandwich panel, which is attached to each of the three samorezami column frame. On the top shelf of sandwich panel (tape), glued two horizontal mezhkassetnyh seal.

The next wall panel mounted on the top shelf bottom wall panel and fastened to it samorezami (step between samorezami - 500 mm) and column frame.
Installation of the sandwich panels are for the entire height of the wall, that after laying insulation it could immediately close the front profile (profiles, wall panels, siding).
When mounting the upper row of sandwich panels need to cut the last tape in height. May not be used for cutting abrasive wheels (burnt paint coating wall panels, which then lead to corrosion). Vertical joints of sandwich panels prokleivayutsya aluminum tape.
Further, the assembly of sandwich panels is to install a heater in the cassette assembly and wind barriers. Windproof barrier is fastened or samorezami shlyapnym profile (for the air gap).

Installation of sandwich panels finished installing exterior cladding - profiles, metal siding and front panels in accordance with the requirements for this product.