Structure sandwich panels

Structure of sandwiches-panels the Sandwich-panel assemblages

The Basis стеновой panels (it is a protecting design) - a cassette profile. Cassette profiles into which the heater is inserted, are fixed on a bearing skeleton of a building, then the wind-shelter barrier fastens, at the final stage the finishing material (facing) is established.

The facing material gets out designers and architects at a design stage. It can be a metal siding, a professional flooring, стеновые panels of various colours. A heater is mineral cotton wool though there are panels with heater materials of other nature (PPS and PPU) more often.

cassette profile

The cassette profile – is a main detail of the sandwich-panel as quality of the panel depends on quality of a profile as the basic structural unit of a building. Cassette profile are connected on the special technology, the zinced steel sheets covered with polymeric structure. Depth of a cassette profile depends on a thickness put inside a material. (The maximum thickness - 200 mm, minimum - 40 mm). The thickness of a material depends on features of a building, territory of its erection and the corresponding standards accepted in given region.