Quick buildings

Building became possible with arrival to the building industry of essentially new technologies developed on manufacture of the basic designs at factories with their subsequent delivery to building object in the form of ready blocks. Building buildings assumes as much as possible facilitated installation as all details incorporate special elements which join in a complete set with the basic assembly materials. It is clear that the building which is necessary for collecting simply from separate blocks and details, is under construction very quickly.

The main advantage of such buildings is that they do not concede to monolithic concrete and brick houses on many major indicators. More often for building of modular buildings use sandwiches-panels which are a non-polluting, strong and reliable material. Inside buildings from sandwiches-panels always warmly in the winter and it is cool in the summer at the expense of low heat conductivity of a material.

A wall from panels ideally equal, it is not required to spend expensive painting and decorating which it is considerable building of objects. Base works are spent quickly as there is no necessity for use of a heavy special equipment. Constructive materials lungs, therefore and the base should not be deep. Modern technologies assume building modular buildings to 3 floors if they are intended for residing.

Terms of erection of the large trading, administrative and sports centres make 6-8 months. Civil work are conducted in parallel with finishing and engineering works which include communications, a lining of electroconducting, various cables. Installation buildings can be spent at negative temperatures and insignificant deposits.

That at building there were no problems because of deliveries of poor-quality designs, check of all performance data of initial constructive materials is necessarily spent, up to control assemblage of a design with adjustment of all details. Depending on type and mission under construction buildings the technology of assemblage gets out.

The polistovaja technology of assemblage is based on an establishment bearing and protecting, then installation of the external zinced sheets, a heater lining, an establishment of a waterproofing from both parties of an insulating material, installation of internal professional sheets follows. Steel sheets have a polymeric covering with protective properties (from processes) more often.

Self-cutting bolts are applied To fastening of constructive elements buildings, elements, linings, glue. Building buildings from sandwiches-panels, factory fabricated, is the fastest way of building for today. Beautiful and elegant appearance of buildings, speed of erection, absence of noise and a dirt