Quick buildings

Quick building - this is a metal frame, skinned exterior sheet metal profile or sandwich panels. One of the key advantages of this technology reflected in our name - it is high speed the construction of buildings or structures. The article will be displayed and the rest the benefits and advantages of the construction on this technology.

Manufacturers fabricated buildings usually have a set of ready-and-tested projects. Industrial buildings for various purposes, warehouses, garages, shops, offices - this is far not a complete list of sites for which develop the technology quickly buildings. The Model project is calculated and staffed. Doors, gates, windows, exact number of bearing structures and outdoor panels, finished the roof - in general, complete configuration object. But since ready Model projects can not cover all 100 percent of the needs of the customer, in technology provide an opportunity easy scalability. Therefore, manufacturers the manufacture and supply fabricated buildings, to meet virtually any project.

Framework for quick building meets tonkoprofilnyh of light metal. The entire assembly is on the threaded connections, without the use of welding. Elements of the carcass protected against corrosion of zinc plating, fasteners (bolts, nuts, etc.) are also galvanized.

When necessary at the stage of assembly in the frame quick the building can be integrate the various equipment - Cranes, hoists, lifts, etc.

In depending on the purpose of the building after assembly of the carcass of a metal edge galvanized or painted proflistom, or sandwich panels. If the building does not require heating, but only protection from atmospheric influences, it is sufficient shell profile, because it is cheaper. Sandwich panel provide quick good thermal insulation and building permit support within the specified temperature low-cost heating.

Winter time - not an obstacle for the construction of quick building. Add here fire, fast configuration of internal space, modern appearance (sandwich panels offers a range of profile options and color), thoroughness and durability of the constructed building and get virtually perfect technology for industrial construction.