Sandwich panels

More not so long ago from the builders when building new building, to a large extent, the choice of consisted only of stone and wood. In our days of such a choice is much richer and choose accounts from a variety of technologies. One of these technologies, which has the market relatively recently, but already well itself has, is the construction of with the use of sandwich panels.

Sandwich bar - this is the construction of two sheets galvanized and painted metal with a layer of insulation between them. Each panel fitted with locks for fastening among themselves as well as the heater can speak foam or mineral wool. Fastened during assembly, sandwich panels are flat and homogeneous surface, and the construction of locks ensure full tightness and lack of bridges cold. The outer and inner surface walls of the sandwich panels are not required in the future no decoration.

Interior sandwich panels with mineral filler wool is better suited for the case where requires a high fire building. Polystyrene same or, more correctly, polystyrene provides a slightly greater insulation.
In nomenclature of the manufacturer is usually present wall and roof sandwich panels. This allows you to order materials all the frame structures in buildings one place with all its advantages This approach - of the volume discounts, savings in delivery, there is no need to find different suppliers.

Sandwich panel - this is an ideal choice for construction industrial buildings, kiosks, shops, warehouses, etc.

As building takes place on the technology? It's very simple: supporting frame, which can be virtually any - Metal, concrete, even a tree - edge panels from the outside. Sandwich panels - it no supporting structure, they perform only protecting function, so the carrier function must take on the building frame more attractive sandwich panels for the builder? Advantages they have weight:

  • Manufacturability and ease of installation, and therefore not too high demands on the skills of workers.
  • Small weight of the individual sandwich panels and all construction as a whole, ie reducing costs on several items - delivery, rise to the height. Plus, lowering the requirements to the frame and foundation of the building, which also important.
  • Wide choice profiles and the color coating, which allows enter the building to almost any architecture.
  • Building season can last all year round without compromising the quality and speed.
  • And, of course, excellent operating performance - Very good thermal insulation, reducing the the cost of heating, air-tightness of walls and the roof longevity. That is all that that achieved in other technologies a much higher price.

In Currently, the pace of business development such that pass by the new technologies simply unacceptable. Sandwich panels - it qualitatively different step in the speed of construction and the further exploitation of the building. We hope that this article will help make the right choice. The choice of sandwich panels.