Application of sandwich panels and their installation requirements

Although sandwich panel are one of the newest Materials in modern construction, construction and their technology production sandwich panels constantly improved, giving this Construction new material properties. As a result, products produced Today home manufacturers sandwich panels , completely correspond Russian Standards and climate features our country.

Sandwich panels - It is indeed universal material possessing totality High consumer properties at on low cost material. High rates Construction using sandwich panels led their application in a variety of areas. Using sandwich panel can be constructed buildings, various Configuration and functional purpose resulting to use sandwich panels in construction Industrial objects, including also for food industry, when building storage premises hangars, shopping and exhibition pavilions. In addition, sandwich panel used when building entertainment and sports complexes.

Most popular enjoy sandwich panel in the so-called Mobile construction, ie, a building, where provides opportunity rapid dismantling buildings and transport it to another place. Requirements to such buildings are minimal work on the foundation low value and fast construction, opportunity dismantling design, ease of its assembly and disassembly, as well as small Lightweight construction materials. All these requirements perfectly correspond sandwich panel that led their wide use in buildings of this type: kiosks, caravans, booths, mobile building oil Industry as well as for erection seasonal construction in agriculture economy.

Sandwich panels may also be used with insulation existing residential buildings and storage premises, and for Architectural clearance facades. External and internal surface sandwich panels can be designed in varied texture and color that allows use them for different style exterior and internal clearance buildings.

Thermoinsulation properties sandwich panels led their application in construction Industrial freezers and refrigeration systems in combination with concrete constructs. Sandwich panels an excellent construction material in the construction warehouses low storage.

One developing directions application sandwich panels - Construction garages. Such structure erected as soon dates for any soils, they economical in operation and require minimal the cost of heating.

Another area use sandwich panels is the construction of doors and gates, advantages which is ease handsome appearance, Durability and fire. In addition, Recently Member use sandwich panels as noise material erection soundproof fencing around transport and rail highways.

Recently Time to use sandwich panels increasingly resorted Producer plastic windows. As is known, the main problem installing windows is insulation windows, in most of expensive and time-consuming. To solve this problem allows use sandwich panels, size and color which is ideal suitable for this purpose. Application sandwich panels installing windows attached Construction more strength and leakproofness due to lack of joints with installation.

Requirements to produce the installation sandwich panels

Enough complex design sandwich panels as construction elements presents specific Requirements work on assembling sandwich panels. First of all, in order to preserve operating material properties necessary completely delete opportunity its mechanical damage. For more protection cover in production sandwich panels possibly causing on both surfaces special panel protective film.

Unloading Panels should made mechanized way. Not permitted reset panel or transportation manually dragged. When mounting sandwich panels and sealing joints not allowed blows to the panels. When mounting roofing panels required if possible limit circulation of them, if necessary laid special wooden Stairways, movement where allowed only involved works personnel. assembling sandwich panels no use flame cutters.

When you install Equipment its attachment produced not on the panel itself, while suspended design. Not allowed attachment to panel designs, experiencing significant load -- stairs, Technology equipment.

Drilling holes in sandwich panels produced only through electrical tools while hole must be perpendicular the plane itself panel.

If necessary, surface cleaning sandwich panel Pollution not allowed application Substances of concern chemical or mechanical damage - Acid, alkali, sand. Cleaning produced detergents or compressed air.