Modular quick building

Modular buildings Modular buildings are one of kinds the buildings which constructive unit is the block container. In most cases modular buildings are under construction for residing of building mobile brigades, for storage of stock, the building technics.

Modular buildings are shops and hangars in country settlements, protection posts, a check point, table, office premises. Internal furnish and a lay-out can be rather various; furnish cost depends on quality of the used materials and cost of painting and decorating. Modular buildings today is a full complex of conveniences and communications.

Buildings can be connected to a central heating or be warmed with electric heating devices. Connection to system of the central water supply is made by means of installation pipes. There is a possibility to establish all sanitary devices, per capita cabins, washstands.

To electric conducting it is given particular attention. Conducting by the copper multicore cable hidden in PVC of a box Is authorised. The block container, being the basic unit modular buildings, the Height in the block - 220 mm has the sizes 2,5х2,5х6 m. At will of the customer can be inserted windows with double and any doors which approach for usual apartment houses. Bystrovozvodimye buildings can be under construction of block containers in 1, 2 and 3 floors.

Environmental conditions can be severe enough; blocks are made of strong metal sheets with the laid heater and a waterproofing course, therefore maintain temperature to - 45 degrees. Are delivered by automobile and by rail. From modular units it is not necessary to make base works for installation of complexes. It is necessary to create the equal platform corresponding on the area to a building. Block containers differ at cost and quality.

The main element of all block containers is the rectangular metal welded skeleton. Vertical racks in a skeleton and horizontal runs are a basis for fastening of elements of internal and external furnish, installation of doors and windows. The covering of all metal components of the container anticorrosive structure is obligatory, and the obverse part, as a rule, is covered by a layer of enamel or a polymeric sheeting.

Waterproofing materials can be various: membranes, films, A roofing covering modular buildings - flat metal sheet in the thickness of 12 mm. The most simple variant - the block from the metal skeleton sheathed by zinced sheet. Internal furnish in the economy class block is not provided. Such products will not be certificated, but, nevertheless, can serve as the basic unit in building small modular the buildings used for economic needs. Despite simplicity of a design, such containers are capable in