Construction of buildings fabricated from light metal

Building buildings from lungs Building of the majority of modern inhabited, industrial buildings, administrative centres, buildings for the commercial organisations, trading and building complexes assumes use of technologies which are based on application of essentially new designs and materials. New materials allow quickly and to construct economically a building of any appointment.

During the last years in territory of Russia buildings hundreds are constructed of lungs. Lungs is some kinds of metal profiles which possess high indicators of durability and elasticity. Quickly mounted connections from metal beams maintain loadings which no means always can sustain concrete and stone basic columns.

It is necessary to notice that installation can be executed a brigade of beginners under the direction of the master as all details are ideally suited each other and incorporate by means of special elements and fixing details. At transportation all elements of a design develop in separate packings, are numbered, on a building site elements quickly and consistently incorporate.

At correct operation serve more than 30 years, but this term is not limiting. Agricultural buildings are under construction from during the summer period, and in many cases are the present of rescue for farmers. Cattle breeding farms, hangars, storehouses for grain crops, garages and hangars for agricultural machinery storage are modern buildings. easy designs is the strong zinced profile.

Before the design which is a basis of the future building, will arrive on a building site, manufacturer Quality Department checks each detail on indicators of durability, rigidity, elasticity. The slightest deviations from technological specifications as any discrepancy to standards will make all huge design insufficiently strong and reliable are inadmissible.

Bystrovozvodimye buildings from lungs are used as industrial buildings and storehouses of stock and technics, more often. As a facing material sandwiches-panels and a professional flooring more often are used. At calculation characteristics tests for stability to operational and atmospheric loadings (SNIP 2.01.07-85) are made.

The frames consisting of crossbars and easy columns, should provide to a skeleton necessary rigidity. Elements systems can be made of a sheet steel or a rolling channel. Fastening of elements of a skeleton is made by steel bolts. The facing material a steel. A teploizoljatsionnyj inside layer - plates from mineral cotton wool. The engineers developing basic buildings, technology of their assemblage, gave the huge.