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Quick buildings

Quick building - this is a metal frame, skinned exterior sheet metal profiles or sandwich panels. One of the key advantages of this technology…


Sandwich panels

Not so long ago from the builders when building a new building, to a large extent, the choice was only made of stone and wood. Nowadays, such a choice is much richer and have to choose from a variety of technologies. One such technology, which came onto the market relatively recently, but has already proved itself very well, is the construction with the use of sandwich panels.


Application of sandwich panels and their installation requirements

Although the sandwich panels are one of the newest materials in modern construction, design and technology of their production of sandwich panels are constantly improving, giving this building material with new properties. As a result, products manufactured by domestic manufacturers now sandwich panels, fully comply with Russian standards and climatic characteristics of our country.


15 th International Building Exhibition MOSBUILD-2009 / MOSBUILD-2009

Dear Lord! We invite you to visit our booth at the construction exhibition MosBuild 2009, to be held in «Expocenter» Krasnaya Presnya from 31 March to 3 April.